Sonia Seguin, B.A, M.A, RYT

executive director, Founder, advocate

Sonia Seguin holds a Master’s in Business and Economics from Wilfrid Laurier and is a trained Yoga and Meditation teacher. She has worked with young women suffering from eating disorders and body image issues, offering yoga and peer support. Before founding Body Brave, she worked as Economic Analyst for the Burlington Economic Development Corporation. In 2016, she founded Body Brave to provide a low cost, accessible option for those struggling with eating disorders. The Body Brave approach is designed to be complementary to clinical treatment so that clients can build on their recovery. 

Sonia is on the board of prominent community organizations Student Open Circles and the Lynwood Charlton Centre. She suffered from an eating disorder during her late teens and early 20s. Through a combination of skills, peer support, meditation & mindful movement, she was able to achieve recovery. She brings her experiences of recovery to Body Brave in the form of peer support and advocacy work.