Recovery Pods

Recovery pods are small support groups of 3-5 people. This is a model unique to Body Brave! Individuals are placed in pods with others in a very similar stage of recovery or people facing similar circumstances. Pods allow for more individualized attention and are great for individuals looking to dive deep. If you have a suggestion for a pod, please contact us. Please that we do not start a pod until we at least 2 people and that there may be a wait for certain pods.


Maintaining Recovery

This pod is for individuals in active recovery from an eating disorder. We will explore issues around body image, preventing relapse, self-compassion and more. Currently open!


Women over 45

This pod is for women struggling with disordered eating, eating disorders and body image issues who are over the age of 45. Issues at this stage of life can be unique and we strive to create a comfortable, safe space to explore them. Currently open!



Navigating recovery from disordered eating or an eating disorder as an athlete is uniquely challenging. Connect with others facing a similar struggle. Coming 2019.


Readiness for recovery

Are you waiting to get into an eating disorder inpatient or outpatient program? Waiting for treatment can be a difficult and lonely time. Connect with others in a similar position. Build motivation and skills! Coming 2019.


Disordered emotional eating/overeating

Overeating and emotional eating is a normal part of life. When it begins to affect the quality of our lives however, it’s important to reach out for help. This pod is specifically for people who have experienced various types of eating disorders and are now struggling with emotional eating, overeating and/or binge eating. Pod currently open.