About Us


To plan and deliver innovative local and national services that address the major gaps in resources for eating disorders, in collaboration with those with lived experience and our community partners. Body Brave also works to create a bold national recovery-focused, inclusive community, committed to body liberation as well as raising awareness and reducing stigma around disordered eating and/or eating disorders.


All people affected by body image issues, disordered eating, and eating disorders are able to access high quality information and support, experiencing a sense of self-efficacy, dignity and connection.


 Accessibility and Inclusivity- We strive to reduce barriers to recovery by providing resources for all people struggling with these issues, in-person and online.

Innovation- We are bold, creative, flexible and responsive.

Awareness- We strive to reduce stigma, raise awareness and improve understanding about eating disorders.

Empowerment- We strive to provide a braver space that empowers and celebrates people of all shapes and sizes.  

Collaboration- We aim to collaborate with local, national and international partners.