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full recovery is possible

At Body Brave, we provide timely professional and peer support for individuals struggling with weight, food and body image issues, including eating disorders.  We also offer services and support for families and friends of those struggling. We are a not-for-profit body positive, anti-diet, recovery-focused community that inspires individuals to seek and maintain recovery. Our services are complementary to traditional treatment programs and are not intended as substitutes for treatment. Although we don't require a diagnosis, we offer services for individuals struggling with binge eating, compulsive/over eating, bulimia, anorexia and others. Many of our services are covered by OHIP. Are you a health care provider looking to refer a client? Click here for our referral process. 

Please note: We are not a weight-loss clinic


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Book a phone or in-person initial meeting or register for one of our information sessions to learn more about our services and our approach. Please note: these services are covered by OHIP.